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We have seen this stole in a million of outfits in bloggers and streetstyle and I’m sure that a lot of you have one similar in your wardrobe. For that reason I wanted to show you how it fits with a blazer and a belt. The belt stylize the waist and give a different touch of the outfit. I think the result it’s a different and elegant. What do you think about it? Millions of kisses!

Esta estola de p...

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Hola chicas! Como va todo? Ya ha llegado el esperadisimo viernes y digo esperadísimo porque nosotros ya salimos rumbo a Madrid para acudir a algunos de los desfiles de MBFW, no puedo tener más ganas de ver lo que nos proponen para el próximo otoño. Como siempre os lo contaré en mis redes sociales 😉

Mientras tanto os quiero ir proponiendo prendas para esta temporada en el caso de hoy de la mano esprit, una tienda online que acabo de conocer y de la que os aseguro que me ha constado mucho seleccionar solo algunas prendas, me gusta todo! Como ya os he comentado, en los meses de cambio de estación mis compras suelen ser de prendas básicas y de fondo de armario. Adentrarnos en prendas completamente veraniegas no es algo que suela hacer por ahora ya que aun no han llegado las colecciones completas a la mayoría de las tiendas y mi cabeza aun no se ve con ropa puramente veraniega como para escoger con claridad jeje. Es por ello que me ha encantado Esprit ya que nos da multiples opciones para todas aquellas cosas que toda fashionista debe tener en su fondo de armario. Aquí van mis propuestas:

 Ey girls! How is going everything? And finally it’s here the awaited friday, and I say awaited because we are going to Madrid to enjoy some of the fashion shows of the MBFW (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week) I can’t wait to see what proposals we have for the next year. As always I’ll let you know in my social network.

Meanwhile I show you some suggestions for this season, today I wanted to introduce you this online shop, it’s called Espirit, that I have just known and I love it! it was so hard pick up between so many fantastic clothes, I like it all! As I told you, during the changing of the season I use to buy a basic clothes to do an amazing wardrobe. Buy summer clothes it’s not something that I do in this time of the year because the collections are not complety in the shops and my head is not in the summer mood. For that reason I love Espirit, because give us a multiple of options for this must have clothes. This are my proposals from their collection:


Este tipo de looks no es nuevo en el blog y cada primavera os enseño un outfit de este estilo (y estoy segura que seguiré enseñando jeje ) En mi armario nunca falta una camiseta de rayas, jeans, parka y deportivas blancas. El toque de estilo lo proporciona el sombrero fedora 😉

This type of looks is not new in the blog and every spring I show you an outfit of this style (and I am sure that I will keep on teaching jeje) In my closet there is never missing a T-shirt with strips, jeans, parka and white sneakers. The style touch provides the fedora’s hat 😉

montaje 2

Si lo que buscamos son básicos más formales o para la noche un bestido negro es perfecto tanto para una reunión de trabajo como para una cena con amigas. Cambia una blazer por una biker e irás perfecta con una misma prenda para dos ocasiones distintas. Los zapatos de corte salón son mis preferidos para este tipo de looks.

If we are searching for something more formal a black dress is perfect for a meeting of work and for a dinner with friends. You can change a blazer into a biker and you’ll go perfect with the same clothe for two different occasions.



Espero que os haya gustado mis propuestas. Os deseo un feliz fin de semana y a las ganadoras del sorte de MBFW espero poder conoceros en persona este sábado 😉 Un beso grande para todos!!!

I hope that you have enjoyed my proposals...

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Hello girls! Today I bring to you a look completely opposite to the last one that I showed you on Friday. In this case I prove to be to you an outfit super sporty perfectly for a day of rest and relaxation and that I used last Sunday. My passion is not new at all for the reped jeans, here a sample of other with which I did these sales to myself. Another thing is not so common in my looks there are the caps. Is not it a complement that one drives crazy but to use occasionally and we go out of the habitual thing, it does not seem to you? I wait for your comments. On happy week!


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 After that happened my first season as blogger the spring of 2013 I promised myself that I would not go into any new season without show you each and every one of my purchases of this year. Well, I’m going to try to not leave clothes in the closet from one season to another without showing before on my blog 😉 so today I show you this shirt that I bought 3 months ago and still hasn’t shown here. I combined with hair accessories as this neck that was of my mother and that she herself did and that is still a tendency. On the other hand I show here for first time this lovely bag that I was looking for since the beginning of the season and I had in these sales, I preferred to wait because a bag of this type I only put a few months of the year, so It’s not something where I want to invest too much money. I hope you like the look. A Thousand Kisses!

Después de que pa...

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When people ask me which clothes would choose I always answer the white shirt. A garment sophisticated, stylish and above all very versatile. On this occasion I show you a model with a lasso that it seems to me even if it is more elegant. The combine in a classic and infallible black and white combination. Today officially the sales in all shops in Spain. Have you got your list made? 😉 Thousand Kisses!


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