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 After that happened my first season as blogger the spring of 2013 I promised myself that I would not go into any new season without show you each and every one of my purchases of this year. Well, I’m going to try to not leave clothes in the closet from one season to another without showing before on my blog 😉 so today I show you this shirt that I bought 3 months ago and still hasn’t shown here. I combined with hair accessories as this neck that was of my mother and that she herself did and that is still a tendency. On the other hand I show here for first time this lovely bag that I was looking for since the beginning of the season and I had in these sales, I preferred to wait because a bag of this type I only put a few months of the year, so It’s not something where I want to invest too much money. I hope you like the look. A Thousand Kisses!

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