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Hoy quiero compartir con todos vosotros un resumen de nuestra boda con este trailer que nos hicieron con  mucho cariño los chicos de Lobos Video. Fue un día mágico, increíble y fantástico. Mejor de lo que jamás hubiésemos soñado. Espero que lo disfrutéis. Podéis verlo pinchando aquí. Buen fin de semana! Much love»

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Hello!!! Here I bring you another post about our wedding, I know that you are impatient to see my wedding dress but there are so many things that I have to tell you today I start with the preparations for the day of the wedding. I promise you this week you will see me finally dressed as a bride 😉
Without realizing the three months since we decided to marry had gone so fast. A few months full of illusion, voltage, happiness,… The 18th of September has arrived with a mixture of happiness, nerves and almost without sleep the happiest day of my life had begun. Were eight in the morning when I was with my mother and my sisters to the beautiful stone house that there is in the family farm where we were going to be married. My hairdresser Juan Forján and my makeup artist Ana Mancebo came to accompany me on this day, I trust always on them for my beauty and of course that day could not miss them.
For the care of my skin started two months before with the treatments that Ana considered that my skin needed and is that it is essential to prepare our skin for that day. We decided the makeup very fast, only two tests were enough to give with the makeup perfect! Lips in fuchsias, eyes with a delicate eye liner and nails in red was the final result!!! As I had already told my video of 50 things about me these details characterize me a lot and that day I wanted to be first and foremost myself.
The decision for the hair was very simple, only one test was enough so that Juan would nailed what I was looking for. I wanted a hairstyle very sweet, natural, without artifices and with loose hair or semi loose. As you can see in the photos the hair is subtly grabbed, soon in the next post you will understand the reason 😉 as with the makeup, prior to the wedding we treatments of hydration and cut a little in order to make it healthy and strong and would look spectacular.
I had being the last to get ready and for that moment I chose a beautiful floral dressing gown with navy blue background and flowers in shades of green and a beautiful furry slippers also in color navy blue. Juan and Ana were also commissioned to make my sisters, my mother and my grandmother makeup and hair. In the next post you will see also their outlooks, you are going to love them! Were a few hours very special, full of unique moments that will never forget; As the time in which he came my bouquet, when I got dressed or just when I left home with my father road to the ceremony.
The photos are form Susana Rios and his team and the video is commissioned by the guys from Lobos video. I was at all times very comfortable, in familiar atmosphere and is always that I say, surround yourself with people that you feel comfortable and that transmits good feeling is essential, so the result will be natural and perfect!!!
I leave you with the photos of Susana Rios of those moments prior to the ceremony before the next post. I hope you like it as much as I do. Much love!!!


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